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How to Control Your Diabetes, Blood Pressure, or Cholesterol, Lose That Weight, Take Charge of Your Health & Live Happily and Fully with the Grandkids and Even Dance At Their Wedding


My Dear One,

Have you been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, High Cholesterol, and/or High Blood Pressure? Is it time to learn what this really means and what it takes to be around for your grandkids?

Don’t worry, you aren’t alone.

I’ve been there too. At 24, I had a cholesterol of 333. It was terrifying. What did it mean? What could I do? Was medication really the only answer?

Was I faced with another 60 years of a restricted diet? Of little white pills (11,000 at 1 per day)? Would I have a heart attack at any moment? Pass out uncontrollably?

ID 100128774 HomeWould I wake up the next morning?

Of course, it takes a very special individual to fully appreciate the value of health. Even though everybody says they want it, only a handful will actually do the work to actually achieve it.

Download the EXPOSED Free Report To Learn More about how the doctors failed me and are failing you.

Remember that random ‘Dance At Their Wedding’ at the top? Well, my own grandfather always promised to dance at my wedding. But, he left his health to his doctor.

It was medication after new medication. Test after test. Trip after trip to the doctor. He was taking pills for diabetes, blood pressure, and cholesterol. Plus, pain medication, eye medication, prescription supplements, prostate medication… 23 pills every day.

He could have lived if he just changed his diet. He could have danced at my wedding like he always promised.

Don’t be like my grandfather.

  • Do you worry about your next medication?
  • How about pain or being too tired if you go out for the day with your grandkids?
  • Has it ever passed through your thoughts you could go blind, lose a leg, leave your family behind?
  • What about the pressure of taking care of you when all those pills rob you of your ability to live life?
  • Do you really just want to survive until your next dose of pills?

Now, you need to decide what your health is worth to you.

I’ve had diabetics reduce their insulin and get off medications. Most of them saw no increase in their insurance premiums last year because they improved their health (I saw one of the letters stating just that!).

What Is The Savings?

Most of our clients make back their program investment within a year. They save money on medications and trips to the doctor’s office.

Most don’t keep that money in the bank. They found their new energy let them finally take their grandkids to the amusement park. They took road trips and more vacations. They went to the races and helped out at the church. They went out hiking, camping, biking, and sightseeing again.

What do you want to do if you had the energy to do it?

We guarantee you will get the personalization and commitment you need to achieve those goals you want. We set realistic healing expectations, work through your personal plan, and give you the best nutritional, herbal and lifestyle information. We guarantee we will hold you to a higher level and overcome what is stopping you from achieving top-notch results.

“My experience with you was great. I was able to completely change my eating habits for the better. I am still sticking to everything I learned from the experience. I was able to cut my medication dosage in half. After taking it for over 15 years, it felt good to decrease it. It was nice to finally start feeling better. I also have a lot more energy than I have had in a long time. I would definitely recommend this to anyone struggling with the same issues that I had.” ~Stacy

Learn about the specific diseases I help you with:

Type 2 Diabetes

High Cholesterol

High Blood Pressure

Weight Loss & Low Energy

I’ve helped out so many people with different needs and situations (some really bizarre), and I feel that we can help out anyone who has to lose weight and get their numbers down.

Our Bad Results

We don’t always achieve everything we want. Last year, after working with a woman for 6-months, she reduced her back pain to next to nothing, got off 2 medications, and lost 6” off her waist. But, we only achieved a 26 pound weight loss.

Our Unexpected Results

And sometimes we are just surprised at the results. Read this:

cooltext1835185004 HomeOthers have gotten rid of joint pain, migraines, cancer treatment side-effects, water retention, breathing problems, bad sleep, worry, stress, Lyme, Alzheimer’s, and many more.

Some really rough digestive problems are also taken care of. John had esophageal cancer that removed a section of his esophagus and stomach. This messed things up big time and he was nearly home-bound, constantly nauseous, and the next step was a colostomy bag.

John Testimonial

After 3 months, he took an hour-and-a-half car ride to an all-day fair (PA Farm Show), ate normal food, and had the first good outing since his cancer. What price is too much for just being normal?

The Solution

This system is a total integration of your life, the best of modern medicine, total holistic health and emotional healing, personalized metabolic balancing, and proper use of alternative medicine. Each step in this system is designed to take you through a step-by-step approach to healing that builds good, healthy habits that can last a lifetime.

This is not a get-thin-quick scheme. It takes time to do this properly. We even designed our system to handle the little back-tracks most people experience. And it’s tied together with foods, herbs, and lifestyle education that works for your specific body and lifestyle.

When you learn what your metabolism really needs, it’s easy to eat, exercise, and adapt to any situation and still come out happy, healthy, and eat delicious tasting foods.

We have 3 easy ways to get started:

  1. Download the free report up top “EXPOSED:What the Doctors and Registered Dieticians CAN’T Tell You About Your Health”. You’ll learn our basic philosophy and some of what is expected of our dedicated clients.
  2. Come talk to us personally and confidentially in a Free Health Breakthrough Session. It’s a great chance to learn more about us in a safe discussion. And I promise you will get personalized tips to help get you started being healthy, even if you decide this isn’t the time for you to get healthy.
  3. Try out a few of our products and self-study programs. Hundreds of people have already benefited from the CDs and download. Check out: list out

This is for the committed. This level of personalization and commitment isn’t for the tire-kickers. You must invest in your health.

We have various levels of programs to help fit most budgets. In a Free Health Breakthrough Session, we can go over those with you.

Remember, eat delicious foods and be healthy,

Christina Major

The Health Recovery Expert

PS: If now isn’t the time to get healthy, when will be the time? At the very least sign-up for the free report: “EXPOSED:What the Doctors and Registered Dieticians CAN’T Tell You About Your Health”.

PPS: If you already got the free report, come talk to us in a Free Health Breakthrough Session. I promise, you will get personalized tips to help get you started being healthy, even if you decide this isn’t the time for you to get healthy.